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Biography Francy Hermans

By Dr. Leland B. Hayes

FrancyI consider it's an honor and privilege to tell you about my friend Francy Hermans. Mr. Francy Hermans is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable game bird breeders in the world.

I count it a privilege to know and work with him. He is a scientist, having specialized in Biotechnology and Human Ecology and has earned his Master of Science Degree which gives him an understanding of the full scope of game bird husbandry.

He speaks and writes English, French, German, and Dutch. Francy has a lovely fiancee, Odette, who has an interest in cats as well as game birds.

He has more then 25 years of practical experience in the management and captive breeding of almost all species of the Galliformes, such as exotic Pheasants, European and American Grouses, Cracids of South America, Guineafowls of Africa, and of the Gruiformes, such as Bustards and Cranes and other related upland game birds.

Francy Hermans is specialised in artificial insemination/cryopreservation of the semen of rare and endangered galli- and gruiforms. He has bred Satyr, Cabot's, Temminck's and Blyth's tragopan and several crane species such as Stanley, Siberian, Wattled, Black-necked and many others.with succes.

In recent years, Francy Hermans has been assisting in govt and non-govt captive breeding projects in the benelux, in the emirates and in india assisting captive manangement of a great variety of rare birds, such as cranes, spoonbills, ibises, flamingos, softbills, bee-eaters and many more.


Francy Hermans is quite well-known in the bird fancy. He has shipped many rare and captive bred bird species, such as tragopans, peacock pheasants, firebacks, cranes and so many others in all four directions of the world.  Many people from all over the world have visited him in Belgium and many visitors are coming back on regular basis to enjoy the passion of keeping and breeding rare birds, to stay with him and his friends in Belgium and Holland and have a great time.


I have personally know Francy Hermans for many years and have been involved in past years with him in various game bird projects with very happy results. He is a most well-grounded and experienced breeder and I can think of no one who has more knowledge and contacts in the "Game bird world" than Francy Hermans. Probably no other person has as much total knowledge about raising all the different kinds of exotic type upland game birds as Francy Hermans.


Dr. Leland B. Hayes
United States of America
18th September 2011

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