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cryopreservationtragopansemen 150Cryopreservation of tragopan semen at the Tragopan pheasantry in Belgium.

Mr. Fran├žois Bernar, Mr. Francy Hermans and Mr. Kees Zuidberg, Animal Science Group, WUR, Lelystad, Holland (spring 2007)

Movies of cryopreservation technics in tragopans and exotic pheasants, in endangered cranes and racing pigeons will be made available in this website from time to time.  

Motility studies in thawed Cabot's tragopan semen.

Deepfrozen spermatozoa  after thawing of the Cabot's tragopan are shown in the video clips. Several samples are being shown with different motility figures. These videos are one of the first proofs in the world that it is clearly possible to freeze the semen of tragopan and preserve the genetic material of these rare birds for a major amount of time. Also, frozen semen from tragopans can be transported in special containers enabling people working with these birds to enhance genetic variability in the species.


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