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Our aim is to preserve strong, healthy and pure-bred bloadlines from the pheasant species which we keep (Satyr, Temminck's, Cabot's tragopans, Double barred Palawan, Malay peacock and others). Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any furth er queries on the subject matter. For this, click contactform.

dbpalawanhatch2001c 150Pair double barred Palawan peacock pheasant.

Young bloadpheasants hatch 2007

Some galliforms kept/bred in Belgium

tragopanring2Bibdisplay by male Temminck's tragopan.

Tragopan (Cabot's, Satyr, Temminck's, Blyth's), Peacock Pheasant (Palawan, Grey, Germain's, Malay, Bronzetailed, Rothschild), White Eared (drouyni), Copper (Ijimae, Scintillating, Soemmerring's), Fireback Pheasant (Malay and Bornean crested, Siamese, crestless), Guineafowl (Vulturine & crested), Junglefowl, Argus, Ocellated Turkey, Java Green Peafowl, and some others. Youngsters may become available each year in the months of September/October/November. Youngsters may be shipped with all necessary documents to new interested people around the globe.

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